Pet of the Month – May 2016

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Pet of the Month – April 2016




Shoe Drive for Peanut’s Place Bully Rescue!!!!

Starting 3-19-2016

Peanut’s Place Bully Rescue is partnering with Funds2Org to collect gently worn, used and new shoes to be sent and used in developing nations for impoverished people to start, maintain, and grow a micro-enterprise. In addition to helping developing nations Funds2Org also will donate $0.40 per shoe to Peanut’s Place Bully Rescue.

Help us raise funds for our organization by Donating you’re new or gently worn, used shoes! There will be drop off bins at Ruffing IT & House of Dog Training. 



Tabare Market

Tabare Market


Pet of the Month – March 2016

Miss Vera is a stunning bully with ears that stand straight up letting you know she is ready for love. She is selective with other dogs but is known to be in better spirits with male dogs. She loves her walks and listens incredibly well, with the right owner she will be your companion for life.

Vera Wang

Vera Wang

Pet of the Month – Feburary 2016

Welcome to the life of Boots! Boots has a smile that will greet you at the door every time you come in, and is looking for his forever home. He has been diagnosed with Wobbler’s Syndrome, which requires him to wear a harness in order to take some of the weight off his vertebrae, and very light activity. He is selective with other dogs, but great with people. If you are looking for the perfect lazy Sunday dog then you have found him!



Pet of the Month – January 2016

Sweet Tillie aims to please and loves being around her gentlemen friend and kennel mate Tango. She loves to cuddle and go for walks. She does well around other dogs when properly introduced. Determined to cuddle she greets everyone with excitement and is ready to share a life with you!


Pet of the Month – December 2015

Tango is a tall Dogo Argentino that came to us with his girlfriend Tilly, and is larger than life. He is on the independent side, but is looking forward to exploring with you and working on being outgoing! There was an incident involving livestock at his prior home that will prevent him from being around livestock. Tango will need a strong owner to handle him and will be patient.


Pet of the Month – October 2015

Hi, I am Pearl, but they call me Pearlie Girly. I have had a hard life in my past and when i came to Peanuts’s Place I was starving and looking real bad, but Renee took me and fed me good food and gave me lots of loving. I’ve put on at least 30 pounds and i am such a happy, playful girl. Now that i am healthy I just can’t wait to find a family to call my own, give them all the loving I got, because let me tell you, I got a lot of it!


Pet of the Month – September 2015

Chibbs is a sweet bull terrier who loves to cuddle and be the perfect companion. He still has some puppy energy and loves to bounce off the ground in excitement when he sees you. With a little more training and attention he will come into your home with an open heart. He was found as a stray in New Mexico and found himself in a shelter that only gave him a few days. Luckily he made it to Peanut’s Place and is looking for his forever home!


Pet of the Month – August 2015

**PUPPY ALERT** This is 8 month old Xavier and boy is he an energetic, happy boy! He recently came to us from Roswell, New Mexico after not being adopted, but who couldn’t resist those beautiful blue eyes? We believe he is partially deaf and tends to pay attention to his surroundings in a new environment. When he was a puppy his back legs were intentionally broken and never properly medically treated, so he walks with a limp. As much energy as he has, he doesn’t realize the difficulty and strain it puts on his back legs. But with patience and a loving home, along with good training, he will get his much deserved second chance at life and you will gain a best friend for life!